Call of Duty 2

Program that repairs and updates the second installment of the war game series


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  • Category Various Utilities
  • Program license Free
  • Version 1.3
  • Size 39.20 MB
  • Works under: Windows XP
  • Program available in English
  • Program by Callofduty

Fixing those annoying COD 2 problems that bother multiplayers.

The most recent Call of Duty 2 patch is version 1.3, and it was released in May 4th, 2006, and it is only 37MB in size. After installing the patch, you will be able to see the version on your menu screen. If you are reinstalling the game, then you do not need the previous patches. The Call of Duty 2 patch version 1.3 includes all the fixes from previous patches, so it is the only one you need if you are reinstalling. Be careful when patching the game because your registry may not update right away, which is okay unless you save a game, at which point your future game loads may be affected. Restart your computer after you patch and before you play the patched game.

There are not many notes on how to install it, which means you will have to hit online articles and forums in order to learn how to do it. Installation doesn’t require any sort of in-depth skill or knowledge.

What About Your Own Mods?

Remove your user modifications before installing this patch because they are not supported by Activision, and this is an official patch. Also, COD 2 doesn’t support mods that have spaces in the folder name. Either squash your folder names together or use an underscore. For example, if you have a mod called “Ash The Great” then it needs to become “AshTheGreat” or “Ash_The_Great”

The Multiplayer Fixes

They have raised the gamestate from 16k to 128k; they have also added loading bars to maps mp_rhine and mp_harbor. They have fixed the PB GUID so that players are not being assigned PB GUID's of 32 characters. The developers were aiming to fix a few visual problems that people were having because the multiplayer was a little less developed than they had hoped. Still, there are very few complaints about the multiplayer mode, which is good when you consider how many people have played it in its time.

The mp_harbor map changes

They have fixed the water texture that was missing, and they have reduced the overall fog density on the map. There is a railing found on the east side of the map that people couldn’t shoot through--but now they can. They have also fixed two holes in sandbags, and a partially floating crate.


  • Fixes to multiplayer maps
  • PB GUID fix
  • You will not need the previous patches


  • They should have released more installation notes
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